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genres – Romance.
Writed by – Gaspar Noé.
duration – 2h 15m.
Murphy is an American cinema school student, living in Paris. He had a French girlfriend, called Electra, whom he dated for two years. One day, they met and had a no-strings-attached threesome with another woman, a young blonde Danish teenager named Omi, as a way to add some excitement to their love life. But later, he had sex with her behind Electra's back, as a result of which Omi became pregnant. This unplanned pregnancy ended the relationship between Murphy and Electra on a horrible note, and it forced Murphy to marry Omi. In one morning, Electra's mother, Nora, phones him to ask if he's heard from Electra, because she hasn't heard from her for three months, and given her daughter's suicidal tendencies. For the rest of this day, he recalls his past two years with Electra in a series of fragmented, nonlinear flashbacks; how they first met in Paris, their quick hookup, and their lives over the next two years which is filled with drug abuse, rough sex and tender moments.
Country – Belgium

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⦂⦂ Gaspar Noé Love

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Delirious eromantic (erotic-romantic) blabbering of a couple of young wannabe artists. br>
and of their friends and almost everybody else too. br>
someone also mentioned the word “melancholic” in his review. br>
yes. why not. especially considering the great choice of music: Sati, Pink Floyd. br>. br>
he wants to be a filmmaker. so he deals with moving / dynamic imagery. she wants to be a painter. is she ‘static’ then?
they both deal with visuals (and one of them with sound as well) but are they fully compatible despite all the likenesses they share in their attitudes?
and the movie is FULL of sexually explicit scenes, pron-style that is. in fact, the movie begins with some such scene. very provocative, almost shocking to some viewers. br>
still much better than most cheapo ‘professional’ pornography we see these days as we have seen in the past pre-Internet times just as well: poor actors faking it all. no real sex, nor true love. br>
i’d rather call this movie erotic-romantic though. hence: eromantic” for the lack of a better term. the young, inexperienced and ambitious yet quite humane someday-would-be famous-director filmmaking student also mentions it somewhere in a party: Why don’t we see it (actual intimate REAL bedroom sex) in movies too? isn’t that director of this movie talking?
there are also direct hints at certain famous and historically important movies in the cinema industry. and indirect ones too: the couple and sometimes the boy walk under that metro railway bridge in Paris that we have also seen in The Last Tango in Paris. so, it’s not the first time we see actual intercourse, rather wild, in a movie although porn-style fu*king may be quite rare if not done before this movie at all. br>
in the end, i have to say i really liked this movie. was going to give it 10. actually but somehow had to change my mind. why? dunno. but 10. is my rating for movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey. and i’m sure this movie’s director also agrees with that.


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